An investment assured by the experts

A sign of quality

The diamond’s certificate is it’s identity card. It’s what legitimates it’s authenticity and uniqueness so it can’t be confused with another.

It’s always presented in the form of a printed document in which the characteristics of the diamond subjected to the examination are recorded.

The most significate stocks

We work directly with the most important diamond Bourses in Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv, so our inventory is certified by the most recognized gemological institutes: GIA, IGI, AGS, HRD, EGL.

Each certification is elaborated by a team of qualified experts and the detailed constancy of the clear and precise way, the four most important characteristics of the diamond: the weight, the purity, the color and it’s size.

The expert’s seal

This formal report proves that the diamond has been examined and graded by an expert. The assessment of diamond quality should be considered a high priority when it comes to buying diamonds. You should never accept a diamond without it’s respective certificate and it’s your right to ask for it.

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