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About us

Our mission and philosophy define our long-term goals as a company, and it’s the criterion of weight of the actions and decisions we take to achieve our fundamental goals, such as creating value and making a difference.

We are aware of the changing world in which we live and the need for adaptation that this entails, and that is why our ambition of constant improvement, our innovation power to be always one step ahead is what makes us stand out.

We care about our customers and that’s why we understand the importance of a service that provides proximity but respects Independence. We want to be close to the customer and thus we can give you the best solution. Understand the needs of the client, feel them as their own and satisfy them by putting at your disposal all our capabilities in the form of quick, simple and effective solutions.

To offer a great service means much more that just the sum of the parts, it means to work integrating all efforts. Diamer is proud to have a team that brings excellence and professional ethics and always lives up to its customers.

We are faithful to these values and we execute them with honesty, equity and transparency thanks to the commitment, rigor and continuous effort of the members of the company.